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In the process of selecting talents, to the "integrity first, Liangcai applicable, dedicated for this, the team first" talent concept as the standard, the implementation of the competition mount guard and elimination system, truly capable, the levels were let, Yongzhe, fair competition, survival of the fittest, and rational allocation of human resources development. 
Adhere to the "open, fair and just" principle. 
Open: the implementation of the public policy of human resources, and constantly improve the human resources policy, take the initiative to listen to the staff's reasonable advice, and in the implementation process widely accepted the supervision of employees 
To treat employees fairly, to give fair return to each employee's work, to provide opportunities and conditions for the development of each employee, to start a fair competition on the basis of sincere cooperation and commitment. 
Justice: justice evaluation of staff and common value view is a fair evaluation to the staff for each employee put forward clear, with challenging goals and tasks, is to make a fair evaluation of the basis of employee performance. 
Promote the common development of individuals and enterprises, the pursuit of enterprise needs and the best combination of employees". 
Through constant electronics in the pursuit of value at the same time to achieve the personal value of employees. On the one hand, for staff development creation good platform, Tong Heng electronic talented employees truly benefit the identity, formed a company and its employees with the interests of the community of destiny; on the other hand, encourage and promote each employee with own high expectations to haul himself, high standard to demands on themselves, challenge to motivate themselves, and companies struggle with growth.